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As an Electrical engineer work in transport networks, lighting, heating, ventilation, lift systems, power generation and distribution, renewable energy, manufacturing and construction. Electrical engineers typically work on electronics components, methods of production for electronics, power distribution systems, regulation of power and energy within products, robotics, methods of applying technology to new fields such as medicine, transportation, and environmental controls.

Electrical engineers work in many industries, including IT, manufacturing, telecommunications, and aerospace. They are most commonly employed by companies that manufacture electrical components, such as navigation controls and medical equipment. Electrical engineers are frequently hired by enterprises dealing in power generation, distribution, and transmission, or they may work in architectural firms or labs which specialize in scientific research and development.

Mechanical engineers are typically worried with the technology, distribution, and use of power; the processing of materials; the manipulate and automation of manufacturing systems; the layout and improvement of machines; and the answers to environmental issues. Research, trying out production, operations, advertising, and management are a few other key sports associated with practicing Mechanical Engineers. Mechanical engineers are characterized via non-public creativity, breadth of knowledge, and flexibility. They also are precious and reliable multidisciplinary team participants.

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